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The Ultimate Doom Clone

This is a clone of the first level of the famous game, Doom (1993) by id Software. The clone was developed by a group of four students: Cooper Yang, Frank Zhang, Ginele Tanis, and Abigail Yaffe. They developed it over seven* weeks while maintaining their other academic obligations. This clone includes: the first level of …

Circle Defender

What is this Project about: Defense the LAST CIRCLE in the geometry world. 10 unique and powerful defenders. 6 unique and aggressive attackers. Globe Ranking: compete with players all around the world. Endless waves examine your skills. Nice graphic effects. More defenders & attackers coming in the updates! What have I done in this Project: …

Fantasy Nation

2020, with the energy shortage, the Government makes every effort to carry out the development of nuclear energy, the geographic center of Europe, Lithuania, due to its special location as the energy core of entire Europe, the center of the original landmark is removed and replaced by the VA construction company in Europe, which builts by far the largest nuclear power plant. With profit-maximizing and the constantly overloaded operation, a nightmare followed behind.